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Thornton Roofing: Article About Switching To A New Roof Material

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Asphalt shingles, such as basic three tab shingles, remain the most common type of roofing material installed by Thornton roofing contractors and roofing companies throughout the country. There are, however, numerous other roofing options available to homeowners, and each material presents its own pros and cons. When building a new home, choice of roof material is relatively simple because the roof can be prepared with that material in mind. When reroofing, the choice to switch to a new material is usually more involved.

Builders tailor the design of a roof, the sheathing, the preparation for underlayment and so forth to a particular roof covering. When a homeowner changes that covering, then some aspects may no longer be suitable and some degree of conversion may be required. This will not be true for materials in the same family. If a roof currently has three tab asphalt shingles installed, then the infrastructure for architectural shingles is already in place. Architectural shingles are heavier, but that added weight is normally not enough to make a difference.

Since roof structures are designed for a certain dead load, the weight of roofing material can be a major factor. The weight of roofing materials adds to the dead load. A high enough dead load can cause structural damage, or it can set the stage for structural damage when the live load increases, such as when snow accumulates on the roof.

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When upgrading from asphalt shingles to slate or cedar shake, for instance, then the roof may require additional support installed.

Underlayment, which may or may not be required depending on the roofing material, is another consideration. A slate roof, for instance, usually requires no underlayment, so switching from asphalt shingles is simply a matter of ripping up the old underlayment and discarding it. If underlayment is required, then that cost can be a significant factor, and, when reroofing with the same material, it is often possible to save money by reusing the existing underlayment that is in good condition. Other roofing materials may also be reused.

Switching from one roofing material to another can have many implications, including cost, insurance deductible and coverage, schedule, the roofing contractors who can perform the work and so forth. Such consequences are not necessarily negatives, but they are factors that homeowners should include in their decision making process. It is also a good idea to speak with a professional roofing contractor or inspector and get his or her advice concerning the changeover.

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