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Thornton Roofing: Article About Spring Roof Preparation Checklist

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Each change in season brings with it certain weather conditions that pose unique problems for Thornton roofing systems. While the winter months are most often associated with the need for advance preparation, homeowners who adopt a thorough spring checklist for roof maintenance are much more likely to enjoy a season free from leaks and water damage. The onset of spring should spur homeowners to clear their gutters, repair or replace damaged shingles and inspect the various components that keep their roof system waterproof.

Everybody knows that gutters should be cleared during autumn when leaves fall from the trees. Preventing blockages in winter caused by accumulated debris in the gutters has obvious benefits, but far too many homeowners do not recognize the value of performing this task as part of a spring maintenance plan. The precipitation associated with the spring months places the greatest demand on the gutter system, so it is particularly important that they are cleared twice per year instead of just once. This will ensure that rain does not collect in the gutters and cause premature material degradation, and it will also prevent water from accumulating around the foundation of the home.

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Once winter has come to a close, the homeowner should conduct a thorough inspection that checks for any sign of damage that may have been sustained due to snow or ice. This is especially true if an ice dam formed during the winter, as this issue is known to push water and ice beneath shingles to cause cracking, curling or splitting. If there is any evidence that an ice dam may have had an adverse impact on the shingles, then it is also necessary to inspect for signs of water damage in the attic. Moisture that has collected in the attic can lead to structural issues due to wood rot in the roof rafters, sheathing and joists, and it is possible that these conditions will lead to mold growth as well.

Since spring is known as a period of relatively heavy rainfall, the roofing system should be inspected to ensure that it is waterproof. While many components contribute to weatherproofing, the flashing plays a particularly vital role. During winter, accumulated snow may accelerate the development of rust on the flashing, while the changes in temperature may cause cracks to form in the sealant around the flashing. In either case, the flashing will not be able to prevent leaks in an optimal fashion, so any indication of material damage should lead the homeowner to replace the flashing as soon as possible.

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