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To prolong the lifespan of a residential roof and prevent it from deteriorating at a faster rate, it's important to provide proper maintenance to the structure with the assistance of a Thornton roofing professional. Proper maintenance will not only prep the roof for the coming seasons, but it can also prevent a high level of damage from developing with time with timely repairs that are made. To learn how to properly care for the roof, there are a few tips to follow each year.

One of the main recommendations that professional roofers recommend when it comes to taking care of the roof is to have routine inspections performed. The roof should be examined consistently to look for any damage that has occurred after storms and during the spring season to identify if ice damning has destroyed any of the materials.

The roof will also benefit if the gutters are cleaned from leaves that fall into the metal structure. By scooping out the debris each month, homeowners can prevent water from becoming backed up on the home after a storm or rainfall. The gutters should also be checked to determine if they're secured onto the house and haven't become loose due to pressure from various environmental elements.

The roof can also suffer from damage due to critters or inspects that have made a home on the structure or have built nests.

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Look for any signs of activity where termites have invaded and the wood has become brittle. Termites often cause the wood to shred and can also cause soft spots to develop. Animal damage is another common problem due to squirrels or raccoons that have begun to live under the roof. The roof will eventually begin to rot if the animals aren't immediately removed by a professional.

Other materials on the home should also be inspected to ensure that they maintain their quality in the future. Flashing, chimneys, and exhaust pipes are all common areas where leaks are prone to develop if the materials weren't installed correctly or if they've become damaged due to the weather. The sealant should also be in good condition to ensure that the materials haven't become loose and aren't allowing moisture through the roof due to gaps.

To prolong the lifespan of the residential roof, homeowners should also avoid walking on the roof at all costs. This can easily damage the shingles or tiles on the structure and can eventually cause leaks to develop due to extra pressure.

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