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When moisture is trapped between the roof and the insulation, it creates potentially hazardous condensation. If left untreated, condensation can buckle shingles and cause rust on metal roofs. It may even create the perfect conditions for mold and algae to flourish, which can cause serious health problems for residents of the home.

While a condensation problem can usually be traced back to improper installation of either the roof or the insulation, it can also stem from ventilation that is insufficient to rid the structure of moisture. The homeowner should consult with a Thornton roofing expert who will be able to pinpoint the origin of the problem and provide a solution.

Moisture is created by everyday activities like showers, cooking or laundry, and, during the daytime, heat makes the moisture evaporate and rise. An improperly sealed ceiling can trap the moisture between the insulation and the roof where it heats up and evaporates. When the area cools down, the vapor condenses into water form again and begins to do its damage.

Trapped moisture creates stains that are shaped like circles and are lighter in the middle, as opposed to leak stains, which are usually darker in the middle.

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It is therefore not difficult for the homeowner to differentiate between the two different kinds of stains, although homeowners are advised to rely on professionals to correct the problem.

Unfortunately, most problems that are caused by moisture aren't noticed until at least some damage has occurred. The first thing to check is the ventilation system in the roof to make sure that the vents haven't been sealed. This will ensure that moisture can't escape. If they are working, the homeowner might want to consider adding more ventilation. If the insulation has a foil barrier, then it may need to be trimmed back in order to allow moisture to escape.

The people living in the house can also help with the problem. While opening windows may sound like a simple response, it can be an effective part of a solution, as can installing ceiling fans and keeping them turned on to circulate and help dry the moist air. Dehumidifiers can help, and there are vapor retardant paints available that can be used to reseal the ceiling and the attic.

If the insulation or the roof or both are no longer viable, the homeowner may be faced with having to replace them, which is a very costly project. As with so many home repair issues, recognizing and correcting a roof condensation problem is the surest way to keep a small problem from growing into a large one.

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