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Thornton Roofing: Article About Preventing Roof Infestations

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The roof is designed to protect the interior of the building and safeguard it from outside elements. Although the structure is extremely durable, it's still susceptible to damage from small critters that want to make their home on the materials. To protect the roof and reduce the risk of infestations, there are a few steps that homeowners can take with the assistance of a Thornton roofing professional.

Raccoons, birds, and squirrels are known to use roofs in colder months out of the year for a warm place that offers shelter. The animals may be harmless to residents but can cause a significant amount of damage to the roof within a few weeks. Homeowners can check cracks or ventilation where animals are prone to build nests. The air registers should also be fully covered to protect the home at all times.

A common way that animals make their way onto roofs is by accessing the structure from nearby trees. It's important to trim nearby branches that can provide an entryway onto the home. This will make it more of a challenge for rats, squirrels and other rodents to sneak onto the roof.

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A chimney cap will also prove to be effective by preventing animals from making a nest on the feature. The flue should be completely covered when residents are not using the chimney during the fall and winter seasons.

One of the most targeted areas on roofs where animals find a comfortable place to call home is where soffit or fascia is missing. There should not be any gas present and missing materials should be replaced immediately. Homeowners should also check to see that exterior cladding and siding do not have any openings, as these are another area where animals like to settle.

Termite infestations can also be prevented by removing any woodpiles that are near the home and also by clearing mulch away from the foundation.

A common sign that an animal infestation has begun is if residents spot squirrels or raccoons traveling across the roof or on nearby electrical wires. Performing routine inspections throughout the year will also ensure that any animals on the roof will be removed in a timely manner. Roofers can even look for areas where there are signs of gnawing, droppings, urination, unusual smells and nests or hives that are present on the roof. A professional will be able to remove the infestations and make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage on the home's structure.

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