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Thornton Roofing: Article About Preparing The Roof For Summer

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Most homeowners make it a point to prepare their roof for the winter season to prevent damage from occurring. It's also important to prep it for the summer to protect it from high temperatures during heat waves. Too much sun exposure and heat can wreak havoc on the structure, making it crucial to prevent it from deteriorating with the help of a Thornton Roofing professional.

One of the most important steps to take when prepping your roof for the summer weather is to increase the structure's solar reflectance. This will help to keep the interior of the home cooler and reduce energy usage by having less of a dependency on the HVAC system. The roof can also be painted a lighter color or shade to attract less heat during the warmer parts of the day.

Some homeowners also rely on a misting system to keep the temperature of the roof cooler. The misting system works by monitoring the temperature of the roof on a consistent basis and spraying it with moisture once it becomes too warm. This reduces energy use in the home and prevents damage to tiles or shingles that are in place.

Rain gutters can also be cleaned out to promote proper water flow if rainfall is expected with a summer storm.

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Look for areas where leaks may also be present to prevent damage.

The home can also be protected in the summer season by cutting back tree branches that can come in contact with the roof during a hurricane. This will prevent damage to the structure and will reduce the risk of moisture getting into the home, which can cause mold to develop within several days. Additionally, the flashing should be inspected to ensure that it continues to seal off the roof from environmental elements.

Tiles and shingles should be inspected by a professional during a roof inspection. The inspection should be performed during the spring to find any materials that are damaged or have become loose. Broken tiles will be replaced, and loose shingles will have cement applied to secure them to the home and prevent them from falling off during a hurricane.

For homeowners who want to increase the lifespan of their roof and prevent leaks from developing, it's important to have it inspected before summer arrives while also preparing it for the heat or hurricanes. This will help to preserve the materials and allow the roof to remain durable until the fall season.

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