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The recent dramatic increase in popularity of roof solar systems has led to many new installations on homes and businesses across the country. A solar system can be a money saving investment over the long term, but an improperly planned or installed system can lead to a variety of costly problems and repairs. A Thornton roofing contractor familiar with installing solar can ensure an owner has a properly installed system that will serve them for many years.

A roof can be damaged during solar installation unless proper precautions are taken. A qualified contractor will know the following precautions. Installing a solar system requires a lot of walking around on the rooftop. This can easily damage the roof shingles. Walkway pads and slip sheets should be used to protect the roof from the excessive movement. An owner will also want to consider the material of the roof. Slate roofs may not withstand the process of installation regardless of what precautions are taken. On more durable asphalt or metal roofs, damage can occur from dropped tools, debris in the gutters or incorrectly moving panels across the roof. When the installation is complete, the contractor should do a roof inspection to be sure any shingles that were damaged are repaired or replaced. If damage does occur during the installation to a section of roof that will be covered by panels, it is important to repair that damage before finishing the installation.

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The roof can be difficult or impossible to properly repair after installation.

Solar systems tend to obstruct the normal flow of water off the roof. The water can pool or change directions and lead to leaks and other damage. A contractor can take measures to ensure the roof still has efficient water drainage after the installation. This can be done by correctly orienting the racking and cable lines so they do not obstruct water flow. It is also required to routinely inspect ballast material. It may break down and wash into gutters, resulting in clogs.

A contractor should consider the effects of thermal expansion on the system. Racking has a tendency to expand in the heat and cause the solar assembly to shift. Strong winds can cause the assembly to move if it is not properly installed. Shifts in the assembly can damage the roof, so slip sheets are important. Correct installation and planning is an essential part of preventing this from happening. Once installation is complete, a routine inspection and maintenance plan is important to keep the system in working order.

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