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Thornton Roofing: Article About Metal Roofing On Steeply Sloped Roofs

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One of the most difficult tasks a team of roofers can undertake is to install metal roofing on a steep roof. This job can be dangerous for those who are inexperienced with metal's installation. However, most reputable Thornton roofing companies can offer their services in this regard.

The first thing that a roofer planning to install metal roofing on a steep roof will do is inspect the roof closely. He or she will get an idea of just how steep it actually is and will then start to plan out the procedures the team will use to complete the job. He or she will also ensure that the roof is clean, for two reasons. First, any dirt or residue left on the surface will prevent the metal from forming a watertight connection. Secondly, the dirt and debris could cause one of the workers to slip and fall.

Once the roof is ready to be worked on, the workers will begin by installing the flashing, or the metal brackets that frame the roof. These pieces will have to be nailed to the roof with roofing nails, which are specially strengthened and enlarged for the job.

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It is imperative that the pieces of flashing be quite secure, as the roof may shift otherwise. This is especially true of a steeply sloped roof.

The next step is arguably the most important part of the job. The roofers will place a roof jack on the roof. They will then put a board on top of the jack, which will create a place they can stand and walk on whilst working. This procedure is not necessary on a normal roof, but it is vital on an extremely steep roof.

It is finally time for the roofers to lay the first panel. They will always start at the very bottom of the roof and work their way up. Some teams like to start at the left side of the roof, while others like to start at the right side. Many roofing crews, however, will start at the side with the most slope. This will allow them to get the hardest parts out of the way first. The panels will be nailed down with the same sort of roofing nails that were used for the flashing. Most metal panels have a tab on the upper left portion and a groove for the tab on the upper right portion. This allows the roofers to install the panels more easily and securely.

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