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Metal roofs have been popular in the commercial sector for quite a while. Over the past decade, however, their popularity has grown in the domestic field as well. Metal is a valued roofing material because it is energy efficient, durable, has a long lifespan and is attractive. However, Thornton roofing professionals have seen that some homeowners are reluctant to purchase a metal roof because of myths or misinformation that surrounds the products used.

One myth is that metal roofs are loud when it rains. The truth is that many metal roofing materials actually silence the noise that is created from rain, sleet or hail. When properly insulated, and when outfitted with sound deadening underlays, a metal roof is much quieter than roofs with asphalt shingles or wooden shakes.

A second misconception that people have about metal roofs is that they attract lightning strikes. First and foremost, homeowners should realize it is unlikely that lightning will strike their home. Lightning is attracted to the first object it comes in contact with. Usually, this is the highest point in any given area, and, thus, the majority of lightning strikes hit trees and poles.

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While it is true that metal does conduct energy, it does not attract energy more than any other material. Homeowners who still have doubts about this topic may want to have a lightning conductor installed to give them peace of mind.

A third misconception that people have about a metal roof is that it will make their home colder during the winter. This is not the case. As long as the contractor uses proper insulation and installs vapor barriers, a metal roof will actually keep the home warmer during the winter, thereby lowering the home's heating bills.

Homeowners may also be under the impression that they cannot walk on their metal roofs due to the material's slickness. Of course, as with any other roof, homeowners should exercise caution and make sure they are using the proper safety equipment when accessing the structure. If a homeowner has additional questions about how to walk on their roof safely, they should discuss these with their contractor.

Other myths suggest that metal roofs are more susceptible to hail damage and that metal roofs will rust over time. These ideas are additionally unfounded. Metal roofs offer a longevity and durability that most other roofing materials cannot offer. For this reason, they are an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking to replace their roof.

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