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If a homeowner notices that he or she has loose gutters around their home, it is important that the issue gets fixed as soon as possible. In extreme cases, it is possible that the gutter will fall from the roof, which could cause damage to the roof itself as well as anything that it hits when it falls, requiring a costly repair.

However, a Thornton roofing professional will be able to take a look at the gutter and come up with a way to make sure that they are flush against the roof as they are supposed to be. Homeowners should understand that loose or sagging gutters are not a sign that they haven't been taking good care of their property. They are relatively common, and older gutters are notorious for sagging on their own even in good conditions.

Homeowners may notice sagging or loose gutters after an extremely cold and snowy winter. When snow accumulates on the gutter, it may make it too heavy for its supports to handle. If the temperatures routinely go above and below freezing, any moisture on the gutter could turn from liquid water to ice, which may cause the material to expand and contract. The plastic that the gutter is made from may also expand and contract if it experiences temperature swings during the day or throughout the year.

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In extreme cases, clips and nails that hold a plastic gutter in place will snap, and the gutter will come crashing down. In other cases, they may be slowly pulled down by icicles that may span from the top of the gutter to the ground below. Often times, a loose gutter makes it harder for water to flow from the roof to the ground, which means that it will accumulate and freeze in the gutter.

Fortunately, fixing a loose or sagging gutter is relatively easy and inexpensive. A contractor will look for broken or loose screws or clips and replace them with new ones. If the gutter is sagging, the nails will be removed, it will be set flush with the roof's drip edge and nailed or clipped back into place. The entire job can be done in a few hours and with basic tools, which will help keep costs down.

For less than $1,000, a homeowner can rest easier knowing that the odds of short or long term water damage has been significantly reduced. In addition, the risk of the gutters falling off and causing additional damage may be eliminated.

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