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Thornton Roofing: Article About Improper Roofer Shortcuts

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Homeowners can spend countless hours researching Thornton roofing professionals, trying to find the perfect contractor for the given project. However, some roofers may take some shortcuts while on the job site to cut time or material costs, including poor shingle staggering. Homeowners should be aware of many common shortcuts that aren't part of a quality roofing installation.

Metal flashing is used along roof transitions, such as valleys or beside penetrations. Reputable contractors will not reuse flashing on a new roof installation project. The metal may appear strong but could have hidden weak points and rust. Best practices usually suggest new flashing for all transition areas. Homeowners don't want leaks originating from old flashing that typically decays faster than the newly shingled surface. This metal is relatively inexpensive and should be part of the roofing contract as a common replacement material.

Homeowners should hear constant nail guns being used on the rooftop as shingles are aligned and secured into place. These fasteners hold shingles for decades, making nails the best material for long term roofing success. Some roofers may turn to staples as an alternative, however. Even industrial size staples don't have the length or strength to hold shingles for very long. Always insist on nails for all shingle locations.

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Underlayment is the material used on the roof deck just below the shingles. Also known as roofing felt, underlayment provides a strong moisture barrier to any leaks that escape the shingles. Because of its important function, underlayment must be overlapped at its edges by about 2 inches. Contractors who butt edges up against each other are only creating seams that provide leak pathways into the roof deck.

Reputable contractors are always seen trimming and cutting shingles to size. They're actually staggering them, making all cutouts spaced out with precise measurements. If homeowners suddenly see cutouts aligned into a perfect vertical seam, contractors aren't staggering properly. Although lining up the cutouts saves considerable preparation time, these seams create funnels for water. As rain strikes a roof, these pathways would slowly wear down from funneled water. Staggered rooftops are the smart way to control water flow.

Poor roofing workmanship can lead to extra repairs and leaks over the years. Always hire contractors who are licensed and bonded. Their license proves they have proper training, but the bonding protects homeowners from improper project completion. Homeowners can use bonds to rectify poor installations and keep the home current with local building codes.

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