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Thornton Roofing: Article About Importance Of Gutters and Downspouts

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Research suggests that the majority of basement and lower level flooding problems actually begin at the roof level. Properly installed and shaped gutters and downspouts collect water from the roof and direct it the proper distance away from the walls and foundation. Although often overlooked, this job is critical to the structural integrity of the entire building. A failure to maintain it can result in extensive water and structural damage. A qualified Thornton roofing contractor can install proper drainage and inspect old systems to ensure they are performing properly.

Incorrectly installed, leaky or damaged gutter systems can result in a variety of damage to the structure beneath. Walls and siding suffer first. They are pummeled by spray and moisture running directly off the roof. This can lead to water damage and buildups of mud, moss or mold that will further damage the siding. Because walls and siding are not built to handle direct weather or moisture, serious damage can happen rather quickly.

The protection of the basement and foundation is also important. When water runs directly off the roof, it tends to pool around the foundation and intrude into the basement. It also washes away the soil around the foundation, further exposing it to the elements. Even a foundation without a basement level can suffer damage after years of pooling.

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The water will slowly seep into the concrete, causing severe damage. Freezing temperatures make the problem worse and may cause critical damage to the foundation.

Maintaining gutters and drainage systems is an annual part of all roof maintenance. Gutters should be fully cleaned, and all corners and drains inspected for clogs. Winter buildups of snow or ice can bend or crack gutters. Any cracked or leaking segments or joints should be sealed or replaced. If the gutters are made of galvanized steel, they must be inspected for rust or wear. The galvanized coating can be scratched off, and rust can lead to cracks or holes. Because rust can spread, it is important to deal with any signs of it early on.

Annual cleaning and simple inspections can often be done by the homeowner using a heavy duty vacuum or blower. Professional assistance may be needed for gutters that require extensive repair or replacement. If a gutter that appears intact and clean is still failing to collect runoff, then an inspection of the gutter system should be scheduled to analyze the problem. It may be that a different type or design of gutter is needed.

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