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During a rainstorm, gutters divert water that lands on the roof away to protect homes. Since they can become clogged with dirt and debris like leaves and branches, most gutters should be cleaned and inspected for damage at least twice per year. Catching any problems before major repairs are needed will save money and give gutters longer lives. An honest, experienced Thornton roofing professional can help homeowners maintain and repair their gutters. Here's some more information about gutter maintenance.

If gutters and downspouts aren't cleaned, the drain outlets will eventually clog and fill with rainwater. The water can overflow and then stain siding and rot wood around windows and doors. This can also cause mold, foundation problems, flooding in basements, and damage to landscaping. Wood gutters can also rot. Metal gutters can rust. Decaying debris attracts ants, termites, and mosquitoes. It can be a fire hazard, and the weight of the trapped water could even pull gutters from the roof.

Homeowners can save money by cleaning their gutters themselves, but safety precautions are essential. Homeowners should avoid climbing on the roof and choose a sturdy ladder. Check the weather before starting, and pick a calm, sunny day. Wear work gloves since gutters may have sharp screws.

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Gutters could also be clogged with dead pests like birds or rodents. Work with a partner so that help will be nearby in case of injury. If the roof is more than one story high, use a professional for cleaning. Before cleaning, people should use a broom to sweep leaves and other debris from the roof so that the next heavy rain or strong wind won't fill the gutters again. Clean gutters after the trees lose their leaves in fall and they drop flower buds and dead twigs in spring.

People should inspect their gutters after cleaning. First, examine the gutter fitting that connects to the downspout and remove any debris. Use a garden hose to flush the gutters and make sure that water flows to the ground properly and there are no leaks. Smaller leaks can be repaired with gutter sealant. If water has moved the gutters and they aren't secured well to the fascia, the problem might not be immediately visible. In that case, water could leak from the corners or seams of gutters. People should also check the fascia for rot or other damage and check downspouts for rust and flaking or peeling paint.

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