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Both businesses and residences can have flat or low slope roofs. From industrial buildings to small household nooks, flat roofs serve the structure with clean lines and ample headroom. When residents need to replace their flat roof material, Thornton roofing professionals can help them decide among products and beneficial features.

Modern flat roof materials are normally a choice between PVC and EPDM. PVC is essentially plastic stretched into a film shape. This material is tough but can become brittle over time. Manufacturers have improved its structure, however, to make it last for years without tearing or cracking. EPDM is mainly rubber, making it a perfect complement to a volatile rooftop environment. It can stretch and contract with the seasons, reducing wear over time compared to plastic films.

Unlike nailed shingles, flat roof membranes must be adhered to the surface using either heat or pressure. Torchdown membranes are old fashioned choices but adhere extremely well to buildings. Contractors must be well versed in these installations because a blowtorch is required. Workers heat the surface, allowing it to attach to the roof almost instantly. Self adhering membranes simply need pressure from a roller to permanently attach to the roof. These installations are much safer for workers and the structure, requiring no heat to activate the adhesive.

The roofing experts at Roof Worx of Thornton CO can assist you with any questions regarding windows or siding.

Standard shingle roofs can be well maintained with just one yearly preventive maintenance visit, but flat roof membranes need more consistent care. Roofers must carefully walk on the rooftop to survey the surface several times a year. Debris, hail and other items can accidentally pierce the surface during storms or high winds. Consistent roofer visits allow these tears and cracks to be repaired before they grow larger.

Homeowners will be happy to note that flat roof membranes are available in many color choices. Contractors can actually visit the home and match membrane hues with nearby shingle colors. When the membrane is attached, it will blend in with the remaining roof surface, creating a consistent visual affect from the curb.

Flat roofs aren't as resilient as standard pitched structures, so homeowners should expect a quality installation to last about 10 or 15 years. To keep the rooftop as perfect as possible, agree to a service contract. Homeowners don't have to worry about scheduling maintenance appointments because they'll be guided by roofing professionals. From understanding ethylene propylene diene monomer material to seam care, residents can prolong their flat roofing product's lifespan with consistent care by trusted roofers.

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