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Performing an annual roofing inspection is an often overlooked preventative measure that helps guarantee a roof's longevity. Homeowners can call a Thornton roofing company to get a thorough inspection.

Inspecting a roof before severe weather seasons and making appropriate repairs is akin to preparing a car for winter. What one does may not seem like much at the time, but the overall effective lifespan of the roof will improve considerably. Fortunately, a homeowner doesn't have to risk their safety in order to perform an inspection on their own. It can be done just as well from the ground with a pair of binoculars as on top of the roof, provided that one knows what to look for. A roof will show different types of wear depending on the materials from which it is constructed.

Asphalt materials have a gravelly texture and will eventually lose granules as they age, becoming thin, exposed and more susceptible to damage. One can detect this type of wear easily by looking at the surface of a roof's shingles or by checking nearby gutters for granule deposits. Shingles that are worn to the point of baldness will need to be replaced.

The expert roofers at Roof Worx in Thornton can assist you with any questions regarding siding or flat roofing.

Roofs featuring wooden materials will appear warped or rotted when they have entered the end of their lifespan. Any damage will be highly visible but not so easy to repair. It is very unsafe to step on any wooden shakes or shingles during an inspection, so if more than a third of the roof's surface has aged unfavorably, it is time to have it replaced entirely.

Metal roofing materials enjoy a considerably long life if they are properly painted and periodically checked for gaps and spaces that could create leaks. Old or poorly maintained roofs will show signs of corrosion and rust, which is natural but easy to fix with care.

For all kinds of roofs, one must inspect the flashings for damage. Flashings are metal pieces that protect the parts of a roof where there are interruptions that slates and shingles can't, such as around chimneys and vent pipes. If the flashings are failing, the building is vulnerable to water damage, especially during the snowy season as the snow will melt and spread water underneath the roof's protective materials.

Checking and fixing the small problems one can spot through a routine inspection has great long term benefits. By taking these few preventative measures, homeowners can save themselves from having to commit a large amount of money to larger issues in the future.

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