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Solar panels require constant sunlight to convert solar energy into usable electricity. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome during installation is the placement of the panels. Homeowners can choose simple and affordable panel mounting methods or go with more advanced options. Thornton roofing professionals can help homeowners choose the right mounting system for their home and use their expertise to place the system in the optimal position.

Fixed mounting is one of the most common methods of panel installation. With this method, panels are permanently mounted to a surface. Panels can be mounted onto the roof of the home or to a frame on the ground. South facing homes can benefit from fixed roof mounting. This provides exposure throughout the day as the sun moves overhead. If homeowners have empty land free of trees, they can choose to mount an array on the ground. Fixed mounts are relatively cheap and easy to install.

To have a bit more flexibility, homeowners can go with adjustable mounts. Adjustable mounts are more suited for areas that experience different amounts of sun throughout the year. In some areas, the sun is lower during the winter months.

The roofing experts at Roof Worx of Thornton CO can assist you with any questions regarding flat roofing or windows.

Homeowners can change the position of their panels throughout the year.

Tracking mounts are the most advanced mounts available. They take the guesswork out of positioning by following the sun throughout the day. They are best suited for areas that are free of obstacles and have a full view of the sun at all times. Tracking mounts are generally more expensive due to the electronic tracker that accompanies them. The trackers themselves vary. Trackers can use a preprogrammed path that follows the arc of the sun throughout the day or use sensors to follow it in real time.

There are two different types of tracking mounts. Single axis mounts move from east to west throughout the day and reset during the night. The upward angle is fixed while the center axis moves to track the sun. The upward angle can be manually adjusted throughout the year. Dual axis mounts adjust their vertical and horizontal angles to follow the sun. With these mounts, homeowners will never have to manually change the angle, regardless of changes throughout the year.

Homeowners should monitor the position of the sun relative to their home to choose the right mount. They can also seek help from a professional for optimal positioning and installation, especially with electronic tracking mounts.

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