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A sunroom or solarium addition makes for a beautiful and functional living space. These rooms are created with specialty roofing materials and windows in order to maximize the amount of sunlight entering the area. Homeowners may decide to use the place like a patio, for rest and relaxation, or as a space to grow plants, herbs and even vegetables year round. To make the most of this type of home addition, owners can work with a local Thornton roofing expert to select energy efficient and appealing materials.

Window glazing is another important aspect of sunroom construction. Sloped glazing collects the most heat during the winter, but it also allows heat to escape at night. During the summertime, the sunspace might overheat with this type of glazing, especially if the room is located on the home's southern or western sides. Vertical glazing is another option. It is less expensive and offers maximal winter heat gain. During the summer, vertical glazes help to protect against excessive heat absorption.

To help with overheating of sunspaces, roofers can build a larger overhang. Overhangs of 1 to 2 feet rather than just a few inches allow for additional shading of the windows during the summertime. The changing angle of the sun's rays over the seasons means that an overhang will still allow sun to shine through the windows during the winter months.

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Retractable awnings provide a similar function and are installed by experienced roofing professionals.

If the roof of a sunroom will contain skylights or solar panels, these should be oriented to the south for maximum sun exposure. A well insulated roof is also important as this stops unwanted air exchange with the outdoors and keeps the room at a consistent temperature from daytime to nighttime hours. Good options for exterior roofing of sunrooms include fiberglass panels, metal sheeting and natural slate tiles.

To maximize air circulation in a sun filled space, roofers can install powered or manually operated vents into the ceilings. These vents can be opened to allow hot indoor air to escape. Construction crews can install similar vents at low locations in the room to allow cooler air to come inside. Another option is to install double hung windows with screens that can be opened for improved natural ventilation. When vents are not an option, roofers could install an attic fan for mechanical ventilation of the room. Ceiling fans are also a good choice for spot ventilation of sunrooms.

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