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Thornton Roofing: Article About Benefits and Drawbacks Of Roof Layering

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When many homeowners think about putting on a new roof, they think about the time and cost involved. Most shingle roofs cost between $5.50 and $7.50 per square foot. For this reason, many homeowners opt to save money by telling their Thornton roofing contractor that they want the new roof installed over the old roof.

When a new roof is installed over an existing roof, it saves time and man hours, which translates into a cost savings. For a homeowner on a significantly limited budget with little time to monitor the project, this might make sense. Unfortunately, there are far more negatives than positives when it comes to adding a second layer of roofing.

The biggest problem with roof layering is weight. Modern homes are designed to withstand only one layer of roofing material. While it was acceptable in the past to add two and even three layers of roofing to a home, it is not recommended anymore. The added weight could damage the roof's supporting structures and cause the home to settle, cracking drywall and damaging the foundation.

If the homeowner is looking to quickly and cheaply fix leaks, roof layering is not recommended. Adding a second layer of roofing material does not eliminate or seal leaks. In fact, it can compound the problem, resulting in the need to remove both layers of roofing, locate the leaks, fix them and reroof the entire home.

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There is also no way to inspect the decking for water damage if the entire existing roof is not removed.

If the roof is exceptionally old and the shingles or other roofing material is damaged, the new roof may not sit flat. This could impact its watertightness, and it will detract from the roof's curb appeal.

Trying to sell the home with multiple layers of roofing may be difficult. Home inspectors often mark multilayered roofs as negatives, and the home may not price as well on the market. It can also be very difficult to insure a home that has multiple layers of roofing. Many insurance companies will only insure the top most layer of roofing. This means that the second layer of roofing, the decking and the supporting structured would not be covered in the event severe weather damages the home's roof.

When the roof needs to be replaced in the future, the labor costs will be more than if the roof only had one layer. This is because the contractors must strip off both layers and transport them away from the site before they can install the new roof.

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