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Thornton Roofing: Article About Benefits and Disadvantages Of Roofing Materials

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Homeowners want a roof that is not too expensive, requires little maintenance and lasts as long as possible. However, as Thornton roofing professionals know, most roofing materials must be replaced or repaired every 10 years. Carefully selecting the right roofing material will reduce the cost and frequency of repairs.

Composite shingles are an affordable roofing material option. They are versatile, coming in different colors, brands and types. It is easy to adapt to them to different roof styles. Composite shingles are easy to install and in some instances can be applied directly over an existing roof. They need very little maintenance, and a person can walk on them without damaging them. Most composite shingles have a class A fire protection and a high wind resistance level.

The downside of composite shingles is that during hurricanes or gale force winds, they can blow off. If they get too hot, they may scar. Additionally, composite shingles lack the three dimensional look of wood shakes or slate tile.

Wood shakes are prized for their natural look and character. They are available in different colors, wood types, and thickness. Since they are made from a natural material, no two wood shakes are exactly the same.

The roofers at Roof Worx of Thornton can assist you with any questions regarding flat roofing or siding.

One of the characteristics of wood is its ability to insulate a home.

A negative side of wood shakes is the fact that they need constant maintenance and repair. Since they are a natural material, they are susceptible to mold growth, insect infestation and wood rot. Most wood shakes do not receive a fire safety rating. A spray on fire retardant is used to offer fire protection. This spray must be reapplied every few years.

Homes that have a southwestern or Spanish mission design often use clay roofing tile. Clay has a very long life span. These tiles will not rot or burn, and they will not be harmed by insects or wildlife. Clay tiles require little maintenance and come in many colors and styles.

The downside of clay is its weight. Depending on the material that is used, clay tile can be so heavy that the roof and roof deck will need extra support to hold it. Clay tiles can be fragile, and so walking on them may break them. It is also a challenge to do maintenance on a roof that has clay tiles.

There are many different options for roofing materials available. Speaking to a roofing contractor is the best way for a homeowner to gauge which materials will be right for their home's roof.

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