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Window installation and replacement procedures are standard services that this company provides. Among the most commonly requested projects are window replacements, which involves removing faulty, old windows and replacing them with newer and more durable ones.

The contractors begin by preparing the work area and their safety equipment. They then measure the existing window dimensions, starting from the top of the window's sill to the bottom of its head jamb. They will perform two more measurements in order to guarantee the accuracy of the future installation.

Depending on the procedure itself, professionals may need to have a new window frame installed. This is typically performed if there are sections of the wall around the window that are rotting or deteriorating. Sometimes, an extensive repair will need to be made to the wall itself before the window can be installed.

Regardless of what the prior procedure entails, the professionals will always need to remove the old window. This is done as carefully as possible to avoid damaging the stop pieces and frame. Professionals will get rid of older caulking and double check every section of the existing frame to make sure that there are no signs of rot or damage. Often, the professionals will touch up the frame or stop sections with a sealant, sand treatment or new coat of paint before attaching the new windows.

Once all of the adjustments have been made, the experts will then set up the rest of the window. They run thin beads of caulking along the inner stops on the jambs and prepare the outer space for the glass itself. When the frame has been readied, the professionals place the window within it, using a measuring tool to make sure that it is plumb and level. Once it is in place, all that the professionals have to do is check to make sure that it works as necessary, opening and closing the different sections of the window and making sure that there are no gaps or holes anywhere in the installation. Once everything has been tested, the professionals clean up the area and leave the homeowner to enjoy their new windows.

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