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In sunny Colorado, solar power is a great option for those seeking to reduce their electric bills and live sustainably. Roof Worx offers estimates, consultations, installations and materials for clients undertaking a new solar project. Because every building owner has a unique roof area, budget and set of priorities, many options are available for aspiring solar power users.

The type of solar cells that should be installed on a home or business depends on the owner's expectations. Solar power can lower electric bills, but it can also be used to go off the grid entirely or to provide backup battery power. Solar users can expect to encounter three main types of solar setups: gridtie, gridtie battery and off grid systems.

Gridtie systems connect a set of solar panels directly to the utility grid, supplementing it during peak hours when the grid is in heavy use. Gridtie users who generate electricity contributed to the grid get paid by the utility company for the electricity that came from their solar panels. Some gridtie systems can be integrated with a backup battery on the panel owner's property, which adds additional material costs but can be very useful for those who live in remote areas that are slow to receive utility repair services. Off grid systems are ideal for those who want to stay off the grid, but these setups are more expensive to buy, install and maintain.

There are four main types of solar panels: polycrystalline, monocrystalline, thin film and hybrid. They differ from one another based on the way that silicon, which makes the solar panels work, is structured inside the panel. Monocrystalline panels are more efficient in warm weather but are relatively expensive. Polycrystalline solar panels cost less but are susceptible to heat damage, which reduces the life of the panels and evens out the long term cost.

Hybrid panels are best at efficiently converting light into electricity, but these panels are more costly than the other options. Because of their efficiency, hybrid panels work very well for those who have limited roof space and who still want a considerable energy contribution from their panels.

Thin film panels take up more surface area relative to the amount energy they collect, but thin film technology has recently been applied to solar tiles, which can be integrated directly into the roof covering. Solar tiles can be combined to fit whatever area is necessary; they are flexible, easy to install, waterproof and ideal for tying into the grid.

The experts at Roof Worx are ready to assist clients in the process of selecting, buying and installing the most appropriate solar panel system to meet their needs. The company provides estimates and top quality solar panel services from initial consultations to first rate installations.

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