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The professionals at Roof Worx are always at the ready to help home and business owners navigate the complexities of selecting and maintaining siding for their buildings. Siding is an important aesthetic component of a building that can add or detract from its curb appeal. Siding is also important for its weatherproofing and insulating characteristics. Cost, durability, water resistance, energy efficiency and visual appeal will all contribute to the selection of the most appropriate siding for an individual customer.

There are many varieties of siding, including vinyl, wood, aluminum and cement fiber. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The first type, vinyl or PVC siding, is an inexpensive and low maintenance option. PVC comes in a variety of permanent colors and should not be painted, so selection of the appropriate color is critical as this detail cannot be changed.

Wood siding is popular because of the range of styles it comes in. Wood siding can come as clapboards, shingles or beveled slats, each of which provides its own visual appeal and installation complexity. Wood used for siding should be evaluated for durability, water resistance and susceptibility to pests. On the other hand, wood can be treated with waterproofing sealants, it is easy to repair, and it can be painted. However, wood siding requires regular maintenance.

Aluminum siding is low maintenance and comes in a range of styles and textures meant to emulate wood siding. Aluminum does not rust, and some aluminum sidings come coated in vinyl at some extra cost. Like vinyl siding, coated aluminum cannot be painted, but it is extremely easy to install and replace. Unfortunately, aluminum conducts heat and sound, meaning that it will not contribute to the heat and sound insulation present in the home.

Cement fiber is a recent development in siding materials engineering. It mimics the appearance of wood siding but is considerably more durable than wood since it is not vulnerable to rot or insect damage. Cement fiber comes primed or finished, but it can be painted if a building owner decides to change the color. Otherwise, cement fiber siding requires virtually no maintenance, but this is reflected in its initial price. Cement fiber is not a great insulator compared to wood or vinyl siding types; like aluminum, it has a low R value.

The expert technicians at Roof Worx can help home and building owners select the most appropriate siding to meet their budget, needs and tastes. This company provides quick, highly competent installations. When it comes to siding repairs, Roof Worx can help property owners match replacement siding with the existing style and material of siding on their building.

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