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The company provides a variety of residential roofing services that can help clients establish all types of installations. From asphalt shingles to metal roofing systems, customers will be able to invest in any task necessary for their home. These highly trained professionals are dedicated to helping all their clients understand the shingle installation process, taking them through it step by step to provide quality peace of mind.

All shingle installations begin with appropriate sizing and arrangement considerations. Depending on how the professionals are going to size the courses and rows, they can work with any variety of cuts.

Once the cuts have been made, the experts will then start laying down the shingles in a row along the bottom edge of the roof. The nails are placed into the tabs to set the shingles in place. Every row of shingles above the starter one will hide the nails, resulting in a seamless installation that keeps the roof's surface steady. Nailing the shingles has to be done correctly. If the nail gun is fired too deeply, the fasteners may mash through the shingles, which could pull the nails through and result in debris or wasted shingles.

Once the contractors get started, the rest of the process is as easy as layering the rows on the way up. The professionals will take extra care to install shingles correctly around vents, chimneys and stacks. This step is performed after the flashings have been installed and checked. The most common procedure for installing shingles around chimneys is to interlace the rows with flashing, which guarantees that water will run down the surface and not underneath the interlacing.

When the sides of the roof have been properly treated, the professionals will then move on to the ridge cap layers. Specially treated shingles are bent into place and installed along the ridge caps, usually reinforced to guarantee that these sections do not falter under inclement weather conditions. With the installation completed, the experts will then check all of the work that they performed and prepare to clean up the area, getting rid of the site's tools and debris.

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