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Homes today often feature some type of insulation inside the walls and between the floors. Whether it's the classic cotton candy pink insulation, an insulation made from recycled materials or any other type of filler material, it serves one important goal: to insulate the home. This keeps the warm air produced by heaters in the winter and the cold air created by air conditioning systems in the summer from getting out of the house. Insulation can prevent warm or cool air from getting inside as well.

Many people don't realize that insulation can break down over time, which keeps it from protecting the home in the way it should. This can occur as animals get inside and use the material for nests, or deterioration may relate to the pressure that the house places on itself as it settles. There are two different ways to install insulation both in residential homes and in commercial properties.

The first method is the most time consuming. Contractors must remove the drywall to gain access to the inside of the walls. They then unroll the insulation, lay it flat and cut it into the right size pieces before filling the walls with the pieces and adding new drywall. They'll also need to paint or prepare the walls. Contractors may use a type of insulation that comes in smaller pieces or flakes that they put inside the walls.

The other method of installing insulation is less expensive and often takes less time. Using a specialized machine filled with insulation, contractors can just point the machine through an opening, flip a switch and nearly instantly fill the walls with the right amount of insulation. This method is what professionals refer to as blown in insulation.

Although some homeowners think that adding more insulation to their buildings costs too much money, the process can lead to big savings over the long run. The right amount of the material placed inside the building prevents hot and cold air loss and helps keep the building feeling more comfortable, making new insulation a simple way to cut down on energy bills and similar costs.

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