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The best laid roof is nothing if it lacks a water management system. Without a gutter system, rain falls off the roof in sheets. It soaks the foundation and eventually causes leaks, dry rot or flooring problems. When gutters are clogged, the damage can be even worse. All the runoff falls in one concentrated area of the house. The outside walls develop stains, and the ground around the foundation erodes. Mildew and mold can set in. Gutters are necessary to engineer the water so that it flows in nondestructive patterns.

The team at Roof Worx understands roofing and how it protects a home from water. These roofers can tackle water management issues to preserve a building and its interior. Their guttering systems can even make the wastewater work for homeowner by routing drain spouts into collection barrels. The gray water can be used for cleaning and to water plants.

Roof Worx can help commercial and residential buildings meet all their water management goals. The company offers gutters in aluminum or galvanized steel. Aluminum is a lightweight gutter, but it wears well. The finish is baked on, so it won't require a new coat of paint as quickly as steel. For gutters that should require little to no maintenance for years, seamless aluminum is a good choice. Steel, however, is stronger. It may develop rust more quickly, but it will hold up longer in strong winds. Either option comes with the steadfast guarantee that the Roof Work team will assure satisfaction with the project from start to finish.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every single project has earned Roof Worx an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company is GAF Master Elite Shingle Master certified and a member of the National Roofing Association. Roof Worx will design a water management system to protect any building and see that it is installed correctly.

Gutters are an important part of any roof. Get the performance that comes from working with seasoned professionals. Whether repairing an old or worn out system or installing a brand new roof, Roof Worx will design a water management solution that works.

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