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Generally speaking, wood shingles are trouble free, strong and durable. They have an attractive natural grain that appeals to many homeowners. Denver roofing professionals will frequently install all types of wood shake systems for their customers, but it is important for all interested clients to learn more about this material in order to make the most of their purchase. Wooden shingles have many benefits, but there are still some drawbacks to the material. Because wood is natural, it is susceptible to rot, mildew, moss and insect infestations. Moisture usually causes these issues, as water gathers underneath clinging debris and collects between cracks within the shingles. Performing regular maintenance twice a year will keep the wooden shingles pristine, but knowing the right procedure is critical to the homeowner's safety.

All individuals should be sure to perform the maintenance process with friends or people who they can trust. When homeowners perform the process by themselves, they may risk injury and will not receive the care that they need in time. Homeowners should always be sure to wear the proper safety equipment for working at heights as well. This means donning work gloves, boots with good traction and a helmet.

Once all of the equipment is prepared and the homeowner is ready to begin, the first step of the maintenance process is making sure that the roof is brushed free of debris.

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Leaves and lichen can adhere to a wood surface and cause long term problems if the debris is not cleared away. Fortunately, it is easy to remove with a stiff bristled brush. It is best to brush after several days of warm, dry weather so that the debris will be flaky and easier to brush away. A good brushing should remove all of the debris from the roof's surface.

Grime that is more persistent can be removed with the use of a pressure washer. Using a washer is not difficult with the proper precautions. Homeowners should be mindful not to aim the washer at windows, doors, plants or the people around them. The washer should only be used according to its instructions, and homeowners are encouraged to work backwards, with the spotter keeping a careful eye on the washer's progress. Wet shingles can become slippery and dangerous to walk upon, so individuals should remember to be cautious of their movements. The washer should be held perpendicular to the shingles and sprayed in horizontal sections of 5 feet long, keeping the head of the washer approximately 18 inches from the roof's surface.

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