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The number one reason why homeowners contact roofing companies and contractors is because of leaks. These leaks can range from some mildew or mold in a corner of a room to a gushing flow of water that comes from a large crack in the middle of the roof. Denver roofing companies encourage clients to look at the common causes of roof leaks to get an idea about what caused their leaks before they call for help.

Though there are multiple reasons behind a leaky roof, one of the more common causes is a cracked roof flashing. The flashing is primarily responsible for keeping water off the roof and stopping that water from penetrating the roof. If the flashing is even slightly loose, it allows water to flow from the gutters and get underneath the shingles. Missing screws, loose adhesive or missing nails can all cause the flashing to come loose. If the home has a chimney, there may also be missing or loose flashing located around the chimney. This allows water from snow, ice and rain to get inside the chimney. That water can then get inside the walls or break through the ceiling.

Homes in Denver may also suffer from ice dams in the winter. Ice dams occur because of temperature changes.

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Though an ice dam can only form during bouts of colder weather, these dams are dangerous. As more ice accumulates on top of the dam, it can break siding and other materials on the walls of the house, tear through the shingles or even knock down the home's gutters. As an ice dam drags materials off the roof, it can allow any water left behind to penetrate both the roof and ceiling. Homeowners should also keep an eye out for icicles. Though most don't view icicles as harmful, they can do just as much damage as larger ice dams.

Leaks in a roof can also form because of standing water. Any type of change to the overall structure of the roof changes the way water flows or runs off. Something as simple as a missing piece of the deck may allow water to sit on the surface of the roof without rolling off. The weight of the water can push down the roof, and that moisture may eventually slide underneath the shingles. After the moisture reaches the ceiling of the house, the moisture can form cracks and small holes that lead to leaks. Only professionals can help homeowners determine what caused their leaks.

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