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A roof in poor condition means that a home is susceptible to moisture damage and excessive energy use. This is especially true in older homes, so homeowners who are working on preserving a historic home should start with their roof before they work on anything else. Even if the roof seems like it's in decent condition, it should be thoroughly inspected and repaired by a local Denver roofing company.

Historic homes in cold climates will give plenty of signs if the roof isn't weathertight. Experts say homeowners should keep an eye on the roof when it snows. As the snow melts, is it melting more quickly than it is on other homes on the street? The way the snow melts and the patterns of icicle formation can be a big indication of poor insulation, lack of attic ventilation or significant air leaks. When snow is melting more quickly than it is on the house next door, this is a sign that there is a large amount of heat loss coming from inside the house. An even buildup of snow means the roof is well maintained and weathertight.

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It's important to remember that a well insulated roof won't form ice dams or icicles; not many people realize that icicles indicate there is some form of heat loss coming from the roof.

It's fairly obvious when a roof has reached the point of failure. Whether the roof is damaged from lack of maintenance, falling debris or aging materials, a failure can manifest differently depending on the roof's materials. Asphalt shingles that are curled, frayed or worn are likely letting moisture into the home whether it's visible to the naked eye or not. If they're puckered, that indicates there's a problem with the sheathing deck or the felt beneath the shingles has shifted. Slate roof shingles can last well over 100 years if they aren't damaged, but that doesn't mean the rest of the roofing system will last that long.

Slate can be damaged during the freeze cycles in the winter, cracking the tiles and letting moisture beneath them. The slate doesn't just provide moisture protection; it's also an important layer of insulation. Flat roofs are prone to clogged drains and scuppers, ponding water and cracking of the roofing felt or asphalt. Excess water weight from sitting water will damage the roof's insulation layer, creating leaks and letting heat out.

Before a historic renovation can take place, homeowners should always make roof inspections and repairs a major portion of their renovation budget. While minor problems might seem like they can wait, they should be repaired as quickly as possible.

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