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With the high cost of electricity, many homeowners are looking for ways to lessen their reliability on power companies. Solar energy is a renewable resource that has grown in popularity over the last couple of decades. What was once a rarity is residential communities is becoming increasingly common in neighborhoods around the country. Homeowners looking to live off the grid have a few different options. A Denver roofing company can help homeowners decide how to approach their foray into solar power so that they get the most out of their investment.

One of the easiest ways to start harnessing solar energy is by installing photovoltaic panels. These panels harness the sun's energy and send it to an inverter that allows it to be used to power the home. They can be installed on the roof of the home or on an open yard. Professionals can create a system that places the panels in areas that have maximum sun exposure, providing more than enough power for the home. Despite upfront costs, homeowners can expect to see a return on their investment through energy savings.

Solar roof shingles are a great alternative to solar panels.

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Solar shingles are made to look and act like traditional asphalt shingles. They are designed to be as protective as traditional shingles and are capable of withstanding the elements while harnessing the sun's energy. While they are not as versatile as panels, shingles will blend in with the home and take advantage of roof space. They are also easy to replace and maintain. Advances in technology have made them much more affordable.

To take advantage of solar energy without committing to a whole home conversion, homeowners can invest in a solar water heater. Heating water consumes a significant amount of energy. Solar water heaters can dramatically reduce energy consumption throughout the year, saving homeowners money in the long run. There are a number of different models available, allowing homeowners to get a system that is perfect for their home's requirements. Additionally, they don't require a large number of panels and can even be used for swimming pools and radiant heat systems.

Overall, there are a number of useful ways to take advantage of the sun's energy. With the help of a professional, homeowners can get a system that works with their home and needs. By investing in solar power, homeowners will save money, rely less on electrical providers and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

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