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Before hiring a Denver roofing and siding expert, homeowners should consider the kind of siding that they want for their house. Vinyl siding is typically used when contractors first build homes. Instead of choosing a brand new siding material, the homeowners could consider replacing it with more vinyl siding.

Vinyl, which is made from PVC, was first used for siding in the early 1960s. Due to its cheap price, it slowly became the most commonly used siding material on the market. Over the years, however, most homeowners started to see it as just an inexpensive siding alternative when they couldn't afford a more reliable material such as fiber cement.

The past decade has seen huge strides in the advancement of this technology. With improvements in the manufacturing process, vinyl siding has become popular again as a reliable material. A 2010 census showed that vinyl was the most widely used siding material in the United States for single family homes. One example of the manufacturing improvements is the ability for companies to add texture to the material, allowing them to produce vinyl siding that can look like more expensive materials such as stone, slate and wood.

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Advancements in technology haven't just improved the look of vinyl but also its strength and weather resistance. Manufacturers can produce vinyl siding that stands up to some extreme weather conditions. In some cases, it can resist mildew and algae growth as well. Vinyl siding is vulnerable to high winds, which can rip it right off its foundation. Strong winds can also make the siding bend, allowing moisture to penetrate the structure of the house.

Due to these improvements in technology, manufacturers have become more confident in the vinyl products that they make. As a result, they are starting to offer longer warranties on vinyl siding. In some cases, homeowners can get lifetime warranties. Combined with the facts that vinyl is the least expensive option available to homeowners and is typically made out of recycled materials, it's easy to see why vinyl has become one of the most used materials for siding.

Vinyl siding is also extremely easy for homeowners to keep clean. In most cases, it can be cleaned with simple soap and water. When homeowners need a deep clean of their vinyl siding, it's best that they hire an expert and avoid using high pressure water machines. The pressure from the water can damage the vinyl and, in some cases, void the homeowners' manufacturer warranty.

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