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Denver Roofing: Article About Understanding Rooftop Weathering

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The greatest threat to any rooftop is basic weathering. Roofs take the brunt of all weather forces, from strong wind updrafts to hail. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with weathering forces to protect their rooftop investment. Denver roofing professionals can consult with residents to create a consistent service schedule for superior material care.

Common weathering usually occurs with natural expansion and contraction. As temperatures rise from morning to night, roofing materials experience extreme changes. Hot temperatures cause shingles and underlayment to expand while cool conditions contract them. This constant fluctuation produces stress across the entire rooftop. Fasteners may loosen or materials could break off. Contractors must routinely visit a property to find all these weathering effects and repair them as necessary. Leaving rooftop items to decay only increases repair costs.

Roofers could have perfect footing along the rooftop, preserving shingles as they survey the surface. When other service personnel access the roof, however, damages could occur from improper stepping or footwear. HVAC and satellite television workers frequently access the roof to service their components. If they damage roofing surfaces without realizing it, materials begin to deteriorate at an accelerated rate.

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Roofers should visit at least twice a year to find any surface flaws, including defects, aging and man made problems.

Natural weathering also occurs from sunlight radiation. Shingles are designed with layers to resist ultraviolet exposure. After a decade or more, shingles begin to decay much faster with sunlight radiation. Even sunny rooftop sections break down faster than shaded areas because of this damaging exposure. Contractors must replace extreme shingle damage from UV exposure to preserve the roof for its 20 or 30 year lifespan.

As winds strike a home, they naturally deflect off of and impact the rooftop. Homes are designed with this concept in mind. Roofing structures protect the interior from prevailing winds and exorbitant energy costs. However, this wind uplift also weathers shingles. Tabs may be lifted over time from persistent winds striking one structural side, for example, which can create a small penetration for water to enter. Contractors usually add roofing cement to tabs to reduce wind uplift. This adhesive keeps the materials in place during mild to moderate wind events.

Contractors must be aware of their influence on roofing materials, especially when installing a new surface. If 15 pound roofing felt is being installed, roofers must be careful about their footing. One accidental slip along this felt can severely damage the underlying structures before shingles can be applied.

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