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When solar technology was introduced, most systems were installed for commercial customers. As components have dropped in price, residential customers are slowly turning to this sustainable energy source. Solar installations by Denver roofing professionals allow residents to use free sunlight energy and sell back any extra power to the electric company. Homeowners may not understand all current solar options, making it critical to educate themselves before making a purchase.

The most common solar component is traditional panels. In previous years these sunlight collectors were pricey, but their components have significantly dropped in price. When homeowners have a relatively new roof, adding panels preserves the surface while benefiting from green energy. Contractors add leg supports to the rooftop and connect them to panels hovering above the area. Shingles are actually shielded from excessive wear with proper panel additions.

A newer solar technology features shingles embedded with photovoltaic cells. Contractors actually add solar shingles to rooftops instead of traditional products. These shingles perform the dual task of protecting the surface from moisture while producing energy. Only a small rooftop section needs solar shingles, allowing the remaining surface to have basic materials.

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Solar shingles blend in with traditional roofing materials; the only distinction is a slight sheen to their appearance.

Homeowners may not want large panels on the rooftop or specialized shingles, so contractors have another solar alternative. Laminate solar film attaches directly to traditional shingles, giving any area instant access to solar energy. This material is extremely flexible, so it can fit in almost any area. Laminate doesn't produce a lot of energy per square foot, however, so contractors must add many sections to generate enough power for household use.

Along with ample solar component options are flexible payment terms. Many regions have rebates and other incentives offered by the government to reduce solar installation costs. Homeowners should speak to contractors about their current options. Professionals are normally well versed in the latest solar information. Contractors may also offer their own payment plan, making solar energy a reasonable choice for any household budget.

There are several other necessary components to solar installations, including a solar inverter. Contractors should list all these items in the roofing contract as they quote a solar project. Because these systems are relatively new to most residents, roofers must offer detailed descriptions of all items to service their customers appropriately. When homeowners understand their solar system, they can use all of its features and benefit from the newest green technology.

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