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Roof flashing is an important component that helps to prevent water from entering the attic. Several different metal flashing types are available. A Denver roofing contractor can help determine which type may be right for a certain type of building and roof.

Aluminum flashing is durable and versatile. Because it is safe to use in most environments and is economical, aluminum is often the most popular choice for homeowners. The major downside is that it does need to be routinely painted to keep it from degrading.

Stainless steel flashing is often used due to its durability, especially if the home is located in an extreme environment. It is recommended that this material should be used in the roof valleys. Once installed, this flashing is rust resistant and requires little maintenance beyond basic repairs as it ages. Stainless steel comes in sheets that must be cut down to size on site, meaning some higher labor costs are associated with the material.

Galvanized steel flashing is similar to stainless steel flashing with the exception that it has a zinc alloy. Many building owners choose galvanized steel over stainless steel due to its cleaner appearance.

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It is also easier to work with as it often comes in performed pieces. This type of flashing does require more maintenance as it is prone to corroding. Poor environmental conditions, such as pollution, can cause the material to degrade at a much faster rate than other types of flashing.

Copper flashing may be desired for certain homes that have copper gutters or a copper roof. Copper does have certain benefits in that it is long lasting, resistant to rust and is extremely durable. However, the material is expensive and can be difficult to install. In some cases, copper can form a patina, so it may need some maintenance down the road to keep it shiny and working properly.

Rheinzink flashing is comprised of a number of different metals, including zinc, copper and titanium. This material is generally cheaper than other types of flashing and can be molded into many shapes. However, a professional is needed to install this material or it will degrade faster. This material also must be installed on homes that have proper ventilation or it may corrode.

Because the flashing is so important, it is best to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of flashing available. An expert roofer can always provide advice on what material may be best.

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