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Denver Roofing: Article About Tips For Choosing Shingle Colors

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When a roof reaches the end of its lifespan, homeowners have the chance to change things up and replace the existing shingles with shingles in a new shade. Though some stick with the same color of the old shingles, others love the idea of customizing their homes and putting their own stamps on those properties. Denver roofing companies often work with the top shingle manufacturers and can show homeowners different colors and designs that will work well for their homes. Whether choosing new clay tile shingles or traditional asphalt shingles, homeowners will need to give some thought and get some tips on choosing a new color of shingles.

One thing homeowners want to look at is the climate where they live. As Denver experiences some cold periods every year, homeowners can use either lighter or darker colors to their advantage. Lighter shades like tan and pale blue reflect the light off the roof as the sun shines down, which reduces the temperature inside the home. Darker colors actually absorb that light and transform the light into heat. Many Denver homeowners will prefer a darker color that helps keep their homes warm and reduces the amount of energy they need to heat that home.

The next thing they want to consider is the architectural features and colors of the residence.

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While they can always paint the window surrounds, front door and even porch later, most will want to pick a shingle color that matches or complements the colors used around the house. Choosing a shingle color in a brand new shade can make the house look too busy and draw attention to the roof. Some prefer shingles in neutral shades of brown or tan. Those shades will work with the house, even if homeowners make major paint changes later, and neutral colors appeal more to homebuyers too.

Homeowners will also want to look at the architectural styles of their homes and the surrounding homes when picking a shingle color. They generally want to pick a color that works with the other homes in the area and fits the style or design of the house. Dark clay tile shingles in shades of brick red or dark brown work well with a Mediterranean style home, while darker asphalt shingles might pair better with a newer ranch house. Local contractors may have sample shingles and tiles available that they can show homeowners to help them decide which color looks best.

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