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Almost every service industry has a variable on and off season, including projects for Denver roofing professionals. Homeowners might assume summer is the best time to hire a contractor for roof repairs or replacement, but they should consider alternative seasons for a project. Pricing, project timelines and availability all play a part to make a roofing project easier for both contractors and homeowners during certain seasons.

Of all seasons, winter is usually the most affordable time for roofing quotes because contractors are actively seeking customers. Between cold weather and holiday seasons, winter is the off season for roofing. Contractors offer incentives to entice homeowners with roof repairs or even replacements. However, strong weather can easily postpone a roof project, so homeowners must approach this time period with caution when a major renovation is necessary.

Spring offers warmer weather for successful roof projects, but rainy days can prolong the work. Contractors might want to work with homeowners to find a stretch of weather without any impending rain. Ideally, roof renovations can be completed by summer when families want to relax and possibly vacation.

Summer poses both advantages and challenges. Rainy weather isn't usually a factor, but hot days can be problematic. Roof surfaces can reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, making working conditions difficult for contractors.

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They'll need to take numerous breaks from the heat. Roofers may even use an extra crew to rotate onto the surface. Costs for repairs and replacements are generally higher in the summer because it's prime roofing season. Homeowners without urgent structural needs may want to wait until another season to work with a contractor. Availability is normally limited in the summer too.

Whether homeowners are looking for cool roofs or small repair projects, autumn is another time period that offers practically off season pricing. Although days may still be warm, hot conditions aren't as intense as those prime summer days. Many roof projects are put off this time of year because of school or work responsibilities. Homeowners can take advantage of a reasonable roofing quote during the fall, especially because contractors can also clean out gutters simultaneously. Autumn leaves can quickly clog gutters, creating damaging roofing issues.

Homeowners should always contact more than one contractor for estimates before deciding on a professional. All companies have slightly different pricing structures based on available tools and industry connections. Homeowners will want to choose a contractor they feel comfortable with, including communication ease and smart pricing, to complete a project successfully.

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