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Historic homes are treasured for their character and beauty. One of their defining characteristics is the roof. Whether it's an impeccable slate roof or a charming wood shake roof, keeping the original roofing feature intact is an important part of historic home restoration. Homeowners who are considering restoring or replacing their home's cedar shake roof should form a relationship with their Denver roofing company to learn how to properly care for these unique roofs.

Like any roofing option, there are pros and cons to the materials. Cedar shake shingles are known for their beauty and are usually saved or installed because of the defining character they offer a home. As cedar ages, it goes from the rich red the wood is known for to a refined silver gray color. Along with its natural and long lasting beauty, cedar is very hardy and has great longevity, lasting ten years longer than asphalt shingles do. This wood is also very good at withstanding high winds, heavy rain, significant snowfall, and severe storms.

While cedar shingle installation can be more a more expensive investment than asphalt shingles, they are more energy efficient, so homeowners will notice an immediate improvement in their utility costs. This is because wood is a great insulator, and the cedar provides double the insulation that asphalt shingles do.

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Homes will be kept warmer in the winter and much cooler in the summer. Many people think that historic homes had wooden shingles for aesthetic appearances, but wood shingles were popular for practical reasons.

Experts agree that the only downsides to cedar shake shingles are the costs of installation and the amount of maintenance required to keep them functional and presentable. Wood shingles require more time to install, and the material cost is higher than that of asphalt shingles. Cedar also costs more than other wood shingle options, but it's the most popular because it's so beautiful. As far as maintenance goes, the wood will need to be regularly treated to prevent moss and algae growth which will cause the wood to deteriorate and decrease its lifespan. Fortunately, there is a variety of topical treatments that will inhibit the growth of various fungi and preserve the wood.

If homeowners are trying to keep their historic home as original as possible, they should seriously consider preserving a cedar shake roof. Not only will the character of the home remain intact, they'll appreciate the energy savings as well.

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