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Roofs are substantial investments for homeowners. Due to the expense and the fact that a roof is among the most important aspects of any home, maximizing longevity is essential. Getting the most out of a roof begins with installation. The best roofing materials on the market will not hold up if the roofers install them improperly. That's why it so important to hire a reputable, professional Denver roofing contractor who'll perform that installation to a high level of craftsmanship.

When researching roofing options, life expectancy must be considered within context. Basic three tab asphalt shingles are often marketed with a 25 to 30 year lifespan, but, keep in mind that these ratings are achieved in ideal conditions. Few homeowners will experience ideal conditions, and the basic warranty that comes with most shingles only covers manufacturer defects. If the roof begins to fail after a year because of spliced shingles, the homeowner may have a case, but, if the roof fails after 10 years due to wear and tear or storm damage, then the warranty covers nothing.

A common mistake is purchasing roofing materials that are not well suited to the local climate. If a homeowner lives in an area where precipitation and heavy storms are prevalent, then the reasonable life expectancy for basic three tab shingles may be as low as one third the durability expected in ideal conditions.

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Homeowners can mitigate this wear and tear by purchasing roofing materials that have a suitable wind zone rating and impact resistance as well as applicable features, such as algae resistance.

Homeowners should not overlook the importance of regular maintenance. If a roof doesn't experience problems within the first year, then it will likely continue problem free unless there is storm damage or the roof is not maintained. Even something as simple as pine needles being allowed to collect at the inward angle where two roof sections meet can diminish life expectancy because of the moisture and organic growth that will occur there.

If homeowners take care of their roofs, then they will get as much as possible out of the materials. Climate plays a big factor, and harsh winters on an annual basis will cause wear and tear. Home insurance will help overcome those unexpected costs, however. Most policies do expect homeowners to perform basic maintenance, but, if the roofing materials were suitable for the area, these policies will help maximize value by paying for unavoidable damage.

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