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Air leaks throughout the home are the source for as much as 30% of energy waste for Colorado homeowners. A leaky home can allow cool air to enter into the home and warm air to escape the home during the wintertime, which will cause energy bills to spike and make the inside atmosphere feel unpleasant. Even a newly built, properly insulated home can experience major air leaks, but homeowners can correct this dilemma in a variety of different ways.

The first and most important way to seal the home from air leaks is to contact a Denver roofing professional to examine both the exterior and interior surfaces of the roof. The attic and basement areas are the largest sources of air leaks, due to a phenomenon that is referred to as the chimney effect.

Roofing contractors will examine the attic for evidence of water leaks, which are most likely present if there are dark streaks running down the walls. If water is allowed to enter into the home, outside air is as well. Once they have identified the sources of the leaks, they will reseal the areas and replace any damaged roofing materials with new ones. The most commonly damaged materials due to water damage are the shingles, flashing, soffits and fascia boards.

Whenever the roofing contractors are inspecting the attic insulation, if the home features batt insulation and it appears to be covered with dust, it is probable that excessive air movement is the culprit.

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The contractors will find the sources of air leaks and seal them off, and it might be necessary for them to completely replace the insulation or to add additional layers in order to prevent the problem from returning later on. Older homes often feature vermiculite insulation, and contractors will need to use extra caution when working with it because it might contain asbestos. In this case, the insulation will need to be safely removed and replaced with a newer material.

Another major result of poor air sealing is the development of ice dams. Whenever there is an extreme temperature difference between the highest points on the roof and the lowest points, the eaves, ice dams easily develop, and they can wreak major havoc to the roofing materials. Again, the most likely culprit behind the development of ice dams is air leaks because if warm air inside the attic is allowed to escape, it can melt accumulated snow on the roof and cause it to trickle down the slope. As the water reaches the eaves, which are the coldest areas of the roof, it can refreeze and create damming. Eliminating the sources of attic air leaks is the only solution to remedy this problem.

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