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Homes that feature dark colored roofing materials absorb more heat, which can make the inside temperatures spike. For homeowners who live in areas that tend to experience hot summers, a dark roof can cause energy consumption to increase, resulting in high electric bills that stem from having to run the air conditioner nonstop. Unfortunately, this problem is not an isolated event, due to a phenomenon that is known as the heat island effect, which is a particular dilemma for residents who live within major cities.

More and more homeowners are contacting Denver roofing professionals to inquire about the many benefits that are associated with cool roof technology, which can help to lower energy consumption and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional roofing products such as asphalt shingles. Homeowners who choose to have a professional install a cool roof benefit by cooler temperatures inside the home during the summer months and warmer temperatures during the winter months. Here is an overview about how cool roofs work and how effective they can be.

Cool roof coatings often contain a combination of polymers or cement particles that have been blended with white pigments that help to reflect ultraviolet radiation. They can be applied on almost any type of roofing system, but in order for a cool roof to truly be effective, it must be properly installed and maintained.

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For this reason, homeowners are encouraged to hire a professional contractor, rather than attempt to install a cool roof coating on their own.

Cool roof coatings work best on low sloped or flat roofs, and they have been in existence for over 20 years. However, it may not always be necessary to install a reflective coating. For example, for homes that are located in well shaded areas that do not receive direct exposure to sunlight for long periods throughout the day, or for homes that have attics that feature above average insulation, these homeowners might not see a significant reduction on their energy bills. Still, it is possible that they could still reap the benefits of an extended roof lifespan due to the extra layer of protection that a cool roof provides.

In order for a cool roof to be truly effective, it must be applied thickly on a thoroughly cleaned, dry roof. Tests conducted at different laboratories have concluded that homeowners who have a cool roof installed could experience a reduction of energy costs by 25 to 67 percent.

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