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Slate is one of the most beautiful materials used on roofs today but one of the most expensive, too. Unlike asphalt shingles or clay tiles, manufacturers actually source slate from quarries around the world. The companies break the slate into smaller pieces and use grinders to round down and soften the edges. The length of time it takes to make a few shingles is why slate is sometimes twice the price or even more as other shingles. Before settling on slate for their homes, homeowners may want to reach out and learn more about the product and get some estimates from Denver roofing companies.

The look of slate is the number one reason why homeowners choose the material, but its look may be its downfall. Slate often features multiple colors in each piece. When homeowners need new shingles later, they may find that they cannot locate shingles that match the ones on their roofs. This can also be a problem when homeowners need to replace a single broken shingle. That new shingle can significantly change the way the roof looks. Some homeowners attempt to avoid this problem early on. They buy a box of matching tiles that they keep for future years.

One major benefit of a slate roof is its longevity.

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With proper maintenance, a roof with natural stone tiles can easily last for 50 years or even a century. When looking for a maintenance company, homeowners must choose someone who has experience working with natural stone. Something as basic as stepping on a tile the wrong way may cause it to break. Homeowners should also look for experienced roofers when installing the shingles. As slate is much heavier than other materials, it's possible for roofers to damage the shingles when laying the material on the roof.

Proper installation of slate shingles requires the use of multiple wind clips. Despite its heavy weight, slate can move and slide across the roof. This is especially true when high winds pass by. A wind clip helps keep the slate in place. Contractors often install slate shingles and let gravity do its part. They typically do not use adhesive or nails that might damage or crack the shingles. Those concerned with losing shingles or shingles sliding off the roof may choose something other than slate. Slate is generally the best choice for those who have a large budget, want a more decorative look and can afford potentially high repair bills later.

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