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Not every type of roofing warranty is the same as the next or even comparable to the next. It depends on whether the manufacturer offers that warranty or if the contractor offered that warranty. A simple warranty offers additional protection that homeowners will not get anywhere else except possibly through the insurance policies they purchased. Denver roofing companies often offer protection in the form of a warranty, but those companies make work with manufacturers that offer guarantees against the materials created and work performed. It's important that homeowners learn about each type of warranty and what it means when having work done on their roofs.

A warranty typically falls into one of two categories: a manufacturer warranty or a company warranty. A manufacturer warranty is one that comes directly from the manufacturer. It states the length of time the protection covers and the type of protection it offers. Most homeowners will find that a manufacturer warranty covers a period of time lasting between 10 and 30 years or longer. It will cover the cost of repairs the roof needs due to issues with the product itself. This may include shingles that crack for no explained reason or an underlayment that tears when installed correctly.

A company warranty, also known as a contractor warranty, is a warranty offered by the company or individual who installs the roofing materials.

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This type generally covers a shorter period of time than a manufacturer warranty does and relates specifically to the installation of those materials. This is especially helpful for homeowners worried that the job went too quickly or that the contractor did not have enough experience to handle the job. Though it may only cover 10 years or less, this type of warranty covers the cost of the materials and the labor required, and it allows homeowners to contact the contractor to get help when they notice problems later.

There is also something available to homeowners that some manufacturers offer called a lifetime guarantee or a lifetime warranty. Though some think this means the warranty covers the lifetime of the purchaser, it only refers to the lifetime of the product. As some products only last for 10 to 20 years, homeowners must read the fine print carefully to determine how long the warranty will last. In some cases, the manufacturer will offer an extended lifetime warranty that lasts even longer. This may allow homeowners to transfer the warranty to anyone who purchases the house later while the warranty is still valid.

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