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A new roof is a considerable investment, especially if homeowners would like something other than the traditional three tab shingle. Green roofs and cool roofing systems are gaining in popularity in both newly built houses as well as for retrofits when a home needs a roof replacement. When an owner would like to make the change to environmentally friendly roofing, local Denver roofing experts can assist with a variety of incentives and options to make these changes a reality.

Local, state and federal tax credits and rebates may be available for homeowners who hire roofers to apply solar panels, photovoltaic shingles or tiles. These programs may extend to other green roofing options as well, including living roofs and cool roofs. Roofing experts can provide owners with all the documentation necessary to submit for these incentives.

Many roofers offer their own in house financing programs. These may allow a property owner to apply for a line of credit or to make regular payments for the installation of a new roof. Homeowners can then immediately receive the benefits of an energy efficient rooftop, such as the utility savings that come from having more insulation and a cooler roof surface.

Some utility companies also offer programs to help make energy efficient roofing an affordable solution. When roofers install solar panels and other renewable energy technologies, the electricity company may provide credits, rate reductions or rebates.

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An energy efficient mortgage, refinance or home loan modification may also be options for property owners who would like to enjoy the ongoing benefits of a more efficient roofing system. These financial packages are offered through banks and allow the homeowner to finance the cost of improvements that meet or exceed green building standards. These options may also be available for new construction.

Homeowners will also benefit from lower utility costs as soon as the new rooftop is installed. During the summer months of the year, a cooler and better insulated roof will not get as hot. Less heat will make its way into the home, allowing the central air conditioning system to cycle less frequently, thereby consuming less electricity. During the wintertime, options such as solar panels can help to power the house.

A home that is energy efficient also brings in a greater resale value. The installation of a new, highly efficient roofing system, insulation that meets the Department of Energy's recommended R values and products that air seal the home make a property more desirable to prospective buyers. Local roofers can offer homeowners advice about which energy efficient materials are best suited for the home.

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