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A home's roof is an essential component that protects against the infiltration of water, wind, heat, cold and more. When a new roofing system is being installed, great care and attention must be used on every part of the job. In addition to doing some research to find the best Denver roofing contractors, homeowners should also monitor the work being done as the project moves along. A homeowner should never be afraid to ask questions or to get a second opinion about a recommended repair or replacement project. In particular, property owners should keep these common roofing mistakes in mind.

Adding a new layer of shingles right on top of the old, worn out asphalt shingles is one of the most common roofing mistakes. While a tear off does take a few hours and adds to the labor costs, it is safer and better for the home as the weight of two layers of shingles may be more than the trusses can bear. Some municipalities even forbid a second layer of shingles and state so on the work permit.

Failure to get an official permit to replace the roof is another common mistake.

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Cities and municipalities require a permit so that they can ensure the work is done safely and within the law. While a permit usually requires payment of a small fee, this fee includes a final inspection of the house. Failure to get a permit for a roofing project may cause the property owner and the roofing contractor to incur fines and other penalties such as loss of licensure.

The use of mismatched shingles is a concern, especially when the roof just requires a minor repair. Mismatched shingles may void the manufacturer's warranty. They may also look bad. In some cases, different lots of shingles have different types of granules and will experience wear and tear in different ways.

Incorrect installation techniques are also common problems with roof replacements and repairs. Using nails that are too short or too long for the type of shingle, overdriving the nails or using the wrong number of nails per shingle can all cause the roof to wear out more quickly than expected.

Reusing old parts may seem like an environmentally friendly and cost conscious thing to do, but it may create much more expensive problems in the end. Old flashing, shingles and underlay should not be reused during a roof repair or replacement. These materials are already worn, so they may allow leaks and increase the risk of additional damage.

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