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Most homeowners are familiar with popular roofing materials like asphalt tiles and wood shakes. However, Denver roofing professionals may recommend that homeowners consider nontraditional roofing materials. These premium roofing materials offer greater durability and longevity.

Slate is a natural roofing material made from a metamorphic rock. It is more expensive than asphalt shingles. However, it more than makes up for expense with longevity. Slate roofs can last for more than 100 years. Slate roofs provide a very natural three dimensional look to a roof. Slate offers excellent fire protection, requires little to no maintenance, and is impervious to insect infestation and fire. Slate is offered in a variety of colors. However, those colors are limited to what is naturally found in nature.

The downside of slate is that it is heavy and will often require expensive extra supports. Also, slate can easily break. It can be difficult for nonprofessionals to walk across a slate roof without damaging it.

Concrete tiles are a newcomer to the roofing industry. They can be made to mimic the appearance of wood shakes or clay tiles. They are made with fiber reinforced cement.

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Some concrete tiles are painted, while others are coated with enamels or a thin layer of metal. Concrete tiles cannot be recycled, but they have a long lifespan, need little maintenance and offer excellent protection against fire, insects and wildlife.

One of the downsides of concrete is that it is more expensive than other roofing materials. When it was first introduced, concrete tiles had problems with curling, fracturing and changing colors. New technology is limiting these problems while at the same time allowing manufacturers to create tiles that are lighter and stronger.

In the last 10 years, metal roofing is becoming a popular option for residential buildings once again. A standing seam steel roof is the most popular style of residential metal roofing today. Metal roofs are versatile and can be designed to resemble wood shakes, asphalt shingles and clay tiles. Metal roofs are energy efficient since metal reflects heat from the sun and prevent it from penetrating into the attic. Steel roofs are environmentally friendly since they are made with up to 65 percent recyclable material.

Installing a metal roof can be a challenge and can only be done by professionals. Metal roofs are much more expensive than nonpremium roofing materials. However, they are a good investment when looked at over the life of the roof.

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