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At some point, homeowners need to have their roof repaired or even replaced because the covering isn't designed to last as long as the house. The most common reason why homeowners have to have their roof replaced is damage to the roof itself. Another reason might be that the homeowner simply wants a new roof covering that is more energy efficient. In either case, there are a few things that homeowners need to know about roof replacement options before hiring a Denver roofing expert.

The first thing that homeowners need to figure out is whether their insurance company will cover the costs of having the roof replaced. Not all roof repairs or replacements will be covered by an insurance company. Factors such as why the roof needs to be replaced and the type of coverage a homeowner has will play a part in whether insurance will help cover the costs.

Homeowners will also have to choose a roofing material such as a roof covering and an underlayment. Nearly 90 percent of homeowners choose traditional asphalt shingles because this is what most homes are covered with when they are constructed. Asphalt shingles are also one of the cheapest options available, which is why they are found on so many homes. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles don't hold up well in areas that receive a lot of sun.

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Traditional asphalt shingles only last between 10 and 20 years depending on how well the homeowners keep up with maintenance. Homeowners might want to consider a nontraditional shingle, which can be made from plastic, wood or a hybrid of materials. While the other types of shingles tend to be a bit more expensive, they tend to last longer than asphalt and give homes an upper class appearance.

If homeowners want to upgrade to a roofing option that will last longer, they should consider metal roofing. Although it's more expensive than asphalt, it can last between 50 and 75 years. This means that homeowners who replace their existing roof with a new metal roof won't have to replace the roof again. These types of roofs also have low maintenance costs.

Another thing that all homeowners have to consider is whether they are members of a homeowners' association. In some situations, an HOA might require or restrict the homeowners from using certain roofing materials. This is typically done to keep all of the homes in the area looking the same and to keep the property value in the area from dropping. Homeowners should check their membership details or contact their HOA.

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