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Autumn is the perfect time of the year to finish up any important roof maintenance tasks, and to schedule an inspection before the winter weather arrives. A local Denver roofing expert can check the flue vent so that the fireplace is ready for use, along with other problem spots. Homeowners can make sure that these five important roofing issues are taken care of by an experienced roofer before the first snowflakes land.

A professional roof inspection is the number one action for homeowners to take in the autumn. After a spring and summer of rains, wind and sunshine, some of the roof's shingles or flashing may have come loose or may have otherwise sustained damaged. Roofers can quickly identify these problems and make repairs.

The next step is to make sure the roofing system is adequately insulated. During the inspection, the roofer can climb into the attic space and determine the attic's R value. If there isn't enough insulation, the homeowner can arrange to have spray foam, loose fill or fiberglass insulation applied before the temperatures drop below freezing. Roofers can also perform air sealing to help reduce heat loss.

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This task is critical for the prevention of ice dams, as warm air leaking out of the attic space allows snow to melt and then refreeze inside of the gutter system.

Another important task is to clean out the gutters. Once the leaves start dropping from deciduous trees, the gutters can become clogged with debris. Roofers can get rid of this buildup and also make sure that the fasteners holding each gutter into place are tight and free of corrosion. If the gutters have any leaks, the roofing crew can repair them with sealant, caulk or patches.

Around the outside of the house, repairing or replacing old caulk, weatherstripping and exterior insulation is also important. Minor caulking jobs could be a good "do it yourself" project for a weekend, although any gutter or rooftop caulking and patching should be left to the professionals for safety and efficiency reasons. Caulk and weatherstripping make the home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Autumn is also the time to schedule a tune up of the furnace or heat pump. A technician will inspect the system and make sure the furnace's flue vent is working properly. The mechanical parts will be cleaned and lubricated and all electrical components checked for corrosion and short circuits. The system's air filter will also be replaced so that the home has a good level of indoor air quality.

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