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When Denver roofing professionals install a new shingle project, materials usually come with 20 or 30 year warranties. Homeowners are normally pleased with this potential rooftop lifespan because of their large, initial investment. However, roofs have variations to their lifespans because of several factors. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with weathering processes and keep up with scheduled maintenance to achieve those decades' long lifespans.

Homeowners should inspect their roof from ground level on a clear day. Each structure has distinct sunny and shady areas based on their original design plans. Generally, roof slopes facing the sun will deteriorate faster than shady areas. Sunlight has a strong weathering effect, so contractors must inspect all materials under constant ultraviolet radiation at each appointment. They may need to remove some materials over time to keep up with any accelerated weathering.

Homes in windy locations, especially along canyons or hillsides, are constantly bombarded with uplift. As winds flow across the ground, they encounter a building. This air must transition up the building's side and across the rooftop. Shingles with their extended tabs may loosen as uplift continually presses against a home. With particularly strong gusts, shingles might break off entirely and expose the decking.

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Contractors will often shore up a shingled rooftop by adding roofing cement under tabs. Extra uplift protection allows the roof to last longer in volatile conditions.

When a region is prone to snowy conditions, homes are constructed with this weathering effect built into their design. Snow across the rooftop only becomes an issue when ice dams form. If a home has poor rooftop ventilation, snow melts unevenly and forms ice along eaves. This ice cycles between liquid and frozen conditions, effectively working its way under shingles. Water damage is extremely destructive, reducing a roof's lifespan significantly.

Even if a home has perfect weather conditions, neglecting its care reduces its lifespan, too. Small problems, such as cracked shingles, don't fix themselves. These issues grow in size until large leaks move into the interior. Homeowners must hire contractors once or twice a year for basic maintenance. If any issues arise between appointments, extra visits are important to preserve roof lifespans.

Shingle lifespans also rely on proper installation techniques to create a leak free structure. Materials must be laid in horizontal courses instead of racking styles, for instance. Contractors need ample access to shingle attachment points to add four to six fasteners. Without proper connectors, shingles will flap and loosen over time with greatly reduced lifespans.

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