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Once the decision has been made to invest in a new roof, one of the next things homeowners need to consider is whether to strip off existing shingles or to have a reroof performed. Depending on the condition of the existing roof, a reroof may be possible, which can help the customer save money. However, there are several reasons why homeowners should consider having a Denver roofing professional do a tear off versus a reroof.

Without a tear down of a roof, roofers cannot accurately determine the condition of a roof's sheathing because they cannot visually inspect it. The roofer can do a walking inspection on the roof to try to locate weak areas and make repairs, but this is not foolproof and existing deficiencies might go undetected.

The underlayment of the roof cannot be replaced without removing the existing shingles. Regardless of how many layers of shingles may be on top of it, if this membrane is compromised, moisture can seep into the roof deck or ice dams can form. Homes in snowy climates can benefit from an improved type of membrane that is rubberized versus the previous underlayment standard of tarpaper between sheathing and shingles.

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Local ordinances may not allow reroofing, or they may limit the number of layers that can be added to a roof. Adding additional layers of shingles adds more weight to the roof structure, and in some cases, this may mean up to an extra 450 pounds per 100 square feet of installed shingles. This weight can cause the roof's sheathing to sag in between its rafters or trusses. Many roofs are designed taking only one layer of shingles into account with an allowance for snow accumulation.

While a roofer will remove severely damaged shingles before laying down the new layer, shingles are normally designed to lay flat. If the shingles in the existing roof are curled, gapped or misshapen, the new layer of shingles will eventually mimic these defects. Roofers can choose to use a thicker or upgraded shingle, but that in turn cuts into the savings of choosing a reroof over a tear off.

In the future, the homeowner might have difficulties with the warranty on their new shingles if a problem occurs. The manufacturer may have stipulations regarding how the shingles are used and may not cover some claims. Another problem that can cause a homeowner a headache is if they decide to sell their home in the future. A potential buyer may be advised by their home inspector of possible problems that could occur with roofs with multiple layers.

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