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The roof flashing is a vital component that helps prevent leaks and moisture penetration. Over time, however, the flashing can degrade. If it becomes damaged enough, the flashing may no longer prevent leaks, leading to damage to the home's attic, ceilings and walls. If the flashing is repaired and sealed, further damage can be prevented. Because it can be dangerous for homeowners to go out onto the roof if they do not have experience, it is recommended that a Denver roofing contractor be contacted for help.

Before any repairs are done, the roofing expert must determine where the leak is coming from. In some cases, the leak may be coming from broken or missing shingles and not from the flashing. The first thing the contractor will do is look for any obvious roof penetrations, as this is where leaks are most likely to occur. These roof penetrations may include vents, dormers or chimneys. The contractor may also look from inside the attic. In general, water stains, mold and black marks can be an indication regarding where the leak is coming from.

Once it has been determined if the leak is coming from degrading flashing, the repairs can begin.

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The type of repairs that are done will depend on how badly damaged the flashing is. For example, if the holes or cracks are small, the roofer may use roofing cement to simply form a plug. If the holes are larger, a simple patch may suffice. This patch must be made from the same material as the flashing. After roughing up the area surrounding the hole, the patch can be affixed using roofing cement.

In some cases, the flashing itself may still be in good condition. If leaks are coming from around the flashing, simply sealing it may stop water from entering the home. Usually the roofer will caulk the edges of the flashing to provide a seal. The flashing may require occasional resealing.

If the flashing is badly corroded to the point where a patch will not resolve the issues, the flashing simply needs to be replaced. An expert roofer can do this quickly and without damaging the shingles. In order to remove and replace the old flashing, the shingles will need to be carefully lifted away. The nails affixing the flashing to the underlayment and roof deck must be taken out. Once the old flashing is removed, the new flashing can be slipped underneath the shingles and be nailed into place. If this is done correctly, the homeowner should have no more problems with leaks.

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