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Removing old shingles is the first step to getting a new roof installed. While many homeowners believe that they could save some money by doing this part themselves, it is highly recommended that they contact local Denver roofing contractors to ensure this step is done correctly. If it is not, the new roof may have a significantly shorter lifespan than expected.

Prior to the tear off, there are a few ways that homeowners can prepare for construction. Because tearing off an old roof is a messy job, it is recommended that plywood be placed over the air conditioner and over doors or windows near the area where roofers will be throwing debris off the roof. Additionally, a tarp can be used to cover decorative flowers and plants to protect them from the construction dust. Since the roofers will be bringing a dumpster with them to handle the debris, homeowners should avoid parking in the garage or driveway during construction.

Prior to beginning the tear off, roofing jacks may be installed for safety reasons. These jacks provide a shelf to keep debris from falling off the roof where it may hurt someone or prevent a fall in the event a roofer slips. Anchors for safety harnesses may also be installed.

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Once the roof jacks are installed, the roofers will begin tearing off the roof. They will start at the roof's peak at the farthest end from the dumpster. Using notched roofing shovels or forks, they will remove the ridge caps and pull up the top layer of shingles. The roofers will work down to the roof jacks from the ridge while removing 2 foot or 3 foot wide sections at a time. The roofers will also be on the lookout for rotting sheathing.

Once the rest of the roof has been removed, the roof jacks will be taken off. The shingles below the jacks can then be removed. Finally, the old flashing will be pulled up and thrown out. Any nails that were left behind will also be pulled out. A roofer will sweep off the roof to ensure that the deck is bare. If the new roof is being put on at a later time, the underlayment should be installed immediately.

It is important for homeowners to keep in mind that removing an old roof can be dangerous. Homeowners should constantly be on the lookout for debris when they leave and return while the construction is underway.

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